Newswire: CW renews Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Whose Line Is It Anyway

Hey folks, thanks for coming out tonight. We’ve got a great show ready for you, but to get started, we just need a suggestion of something that a TV network could do to a magic-based reality competition, along with a revival of a long-running, beloved short-form improv show.

No, sir, I’m not going to take “OF COCK.” I’m just not. Ma’am, you can stop yelling, “Where’s Firefly?” too, because we’re not taking that as a suggestion.

Did I hear “renew them for second and fourth seasons, respectively?” I’m almost certain that I heard that. Anyway, that’s the suggestion we’re taking. Please, put your hands together for a little show we like to call, “The CW has announced that it’s renewing both Penn & Teller: Fool Us, in which the Bullshit-skewing magicians evaluate the skills of less-experienced prestidigitators, and the …

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