Newswire: Cubs fans Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray jam out to “The Weight”

With game 7 of the World Series upon us, it’s crunch time for both the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Though Tom Hanks, LeBron James, and Drew Carey have come out in support of the latter, the vast majority of celebrity support seems to be rooting for a Cubs victory, including everyone from Vince Vaughn to Stephen Colbert. The most visible and enthusiastic Cubs supporters, however, have been John Cusack, Eddie Vedder, and Bill Murray, who popped up at almost every Wrigley Field home game through out the postseason, as well as in Cleveland last night for game six. They’re Cubs die-hards, and they’re in it to win it.

That’s evident in a new-ish video making the rounds that was shot on Saturday in Chicago after the Cubs’ game 4 loss to Cleveland. In a video shot at what appears to be a Wrigleyville house …

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