Newswire: Cubs fan receives championship ring he denied the team back in 2003

It lingers in the annals of great sports mishaps, whispered in the same hushed tones reserved for the space between Bill Buckner’s legs and the curious series of maladies that befell eight of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s nine starters on the eve of their championship match against Shelbyville. (If only Don Mattingly had gotten rid of those sideburns!) In 2003, in the eighth inning of the sixth game of the National League Championship series, the Florida Marlins’ Luis Castillo popped a ball into foul territory, an easy catch that would’ve put the Chicago Cubs four outs away from reaching the World Series for the first time since 1908. The only problem is, two people went to catch the ball: Cubs outfielder Mois├ęs Alou and Cubs fan Steve Bartman. The ball glanced off Bartman’s hand, ending the play and extending Castillo’s at-bat; the Marlins mounted …

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