Newswire: Cube to be remade for new generation of geometrical horror

The 1997 film Cube introduced the world to the horrors of six equal squares, joined together by the devil’s own geometry. And while it earned barely half a million at the box office from primitive, ’90s-era audiences who didn’t cotton to more than two dimensions, it eventually went on to find a following on home video, spawn both a sequel and prequel, and now, inevitably, a remake. The Lego Movie‘s Roy Lee and Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts are joining forces on a new Cube for Lionsgate, bringing their respective experience with blocky things and tinkering with cult sci-fi to co-produce a Cube “reimagining” for novice director Saman Kesh. His will be called Cubed, taking the regular Cube and reimagining it as a past participle.

Kesh’s short, Controller, recently landed him a feature adaptation deal under Shawn Levy, and now it’s spurred Lionsgate to give him …

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