Newswire: Criterion to complete Fire Walk With Me’s redemption with deluxe reissue

With all things Twin Peaks coming back in style, the Criterion Collection announced yesterday that it will be giving David Lynch’s feature-length series prequel Fire Walk With Me a deluxe reissue this coming October. Rather anti-climactically, it did so not with an elaborate visual code involving different colors of thread and scrunched-up facial expressions, but with a regular old reveal of the box art in the Criterion newsletter. (You can see that art below.)

Fan site Welcome To Twin Peaks has details on the Criterion release, which will present the film in a 4k digital transfer supervised by Lynch himself and with two different soundtrack options—a DTS-HD Master Audio track and the original 2.0 surround track—from which viewers can choose. The release will also include the 90 minutes of deleted scenes and alternate takes known as “The Missing Pieces,” which were previously released as part of …

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