Newswire: Creepy weirdo from True Detective to play a creepy weirdo on Hannibal

Referencing “the creepy guy” from True Detective doesn’t exactly narrow the playing field, but calling someone “The Yellow King” for the rest of their career also seems a bit much. However you choose to identify him, TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello reports that Glenn Fleshler, a.k.a. Errol Childress from True Detective, has been cast in NBC’s Hannibal.

Unless you know the source material, there’s nothing spoiler-ish about the following information: Fleshler will be playing Cordell, the personal nurse of disfigured psychopath Mason Verger—now played by Joe Anderson, since it seems Michael Pitt was only interested in the role as long as it offered him a chance to feed his own face to a dog. Cordell is described as “quiet, very intelligent and definitely creepy…attentive and gentle with Mason. He’s a professional who cares about his work, but we get a sense he …

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