Newswire: Creator Sam Esmail will direct all of Mr. Robot season 2

Those worried that the whims of network executives might alter Mr. Robot‘s distinctly claustrophobic look and feel now that it’s a success, fear not: Variety reports that creator and showrunner Sam Esmail is expected to direct all 10 episodes of season two. Considering he’s only credited as director for three season-one episodes, including the finale, one would assume through some simple math that his auteurist approach will expand significantly as a result. However, if the show’s taught us anything, it’s that one would be foolish to make assumptions of any kind given this information, or other information for that matter. After all, who knows where it originated, or if it’s even real?

Anyway, the Mr. Robot writers room is currently hard at work weaving together more tricks to play on our media-drenched minds. There’s no exact timetable for the show’s return to …

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