Newswire: Crackle wants to be more like a TV network for some reason

As exciting as this streaming media revolution has been, getting an unlimited amount of content through the internet with the touch of a button has its downsides. Well, one downside in particular: The ability to choose things is the worst. Who actually wants to grab their iPad and watch a few episodes of Daredevil whenever they want? When presented with crippling freedom like that, turning on regular TV and succumbing to the whims of a traditional schedule often seems like the better option. Luckily, Crackle—one of the streaming services that’s not Netflix or Hulu—is here with a new plan that represents the best of both worlds.

Starting next month, Crackle will introduce a new video feed that will constantly stream pre-scheduled selections from Crackle’s extensive archives—which include Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld, a handful of movies that aren’t on Netflix, and uh, Joe …

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