Newswire: Courtney Love’s biographer sues her for behaving like Courtney Love

Four long years ago, America’s foremost person you wish you hadn’t bummed a cigarette to, Courtney Love, announced that she planned to at last put her version of her life story into a book, so that scholars may one day be able to pull that leather-bound volume from their shelves as they’re being expelled from scholar school. But somehow, assembling Love’s thoughts into a linear narrative proved more difficult than any robot who just achieved sentience and has not yet learned what we humans call “Courtney Love” might have imagined. And after years of waiting, and what probably felt like eons of phone conversations, Love is now being sued by her biographer, Anthony Bozza, for delaying the chronicles of her misbehavior by behaving like Courtney Love.

TMZ reports that Bozza has filed a breach of contract suit against Love, asking for the $200,000 plus interest …

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