Newswire: Cosby attorney plays rape culture’s greatest hits in closing arguments

Given that its case in defense of Bill Cosby was distilled down into one succinct, six-minute interview with a detective who was part of the initial 2005 investigation into sexual assault charges brought by Andrea Constand against the disgraced comedian, one might conclude that Cosby’s team of attorneys know the evidence is stacked against them, and have decided to just end this as quietly as they can. Not so fast: As reported by Jezebel, defense attorney Brian McMonagle was just saving all the pyrotechnics for his closing argument, a greatest-hits set of victim blaming and rape apology designed to shift the blame onto Constand.

McMonagle opened with the oft-covered “She’s a liar,” trying to convince the jury that Constand’s account was unreliable by picking apart the timeline of her story and going over lines crossed out from her interviews with police, including one “in which she’d …

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