Newswire: Corinne Olympios to appear on Bachelor In Paradise reunion special

Although she declined to return to the series proper, former Bachelor In Paradise contestant Corinne Olympios announced today that she intends to appear at a reunion special for the ABC/Warner Bros. show. Olympios left the series last month after a producer on the series raised concerns that she was too intoxicated to consent to a sexual encounter that occurred on the set. In the wake of the incident, filming was shut down, and Olympios and the show’s producers both conducted investigations into what actually happened on the night of June 4.

Olympios—who has said she has little memory of the events—later announced that she was satisfied with the outcome of her team’s investigation, and said she was happy to hear that Warner Bros.—which produces all of the Bachelor shows—was altering its rules about how contestants can interact on set. Today, she announced that …

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