Newswire: Corey Feldman says BaseballGate cost him a Special Olympics gig

Minor League Baseball is about watching a bunch of underdogs play their hearts out, despite the fact that most of them won’t ever get up to the majors. That’s why Corey Feldman’s BaseballGate fiasco doesn’t make sense. Apparently a performance by Corey’s Angels didn’t live up to the State College Spikes’ standards, and they issued an apology to fans for an experience that was “so far below expectations,” ostensibly because people willing to pay $6 for a Sunday night baseball game are overly picky about free performances.

Feldman was asked about the incident by a TMZ reporter, and, according to the surviving Corey, the performance was a setup. “The manager for the Spikes never read the contract,” Feldman said, referring to a misunderstanding that his appearance was always a post-game event, and that a suitable performance area wasn’t established.

“When we got there …

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