Newswire: Cool Pope to drop prog-rock album in November

In the name of the Father, the Son, and a totally sick beat (assuming permission of Taylor Swift, of course), Pope Francis is preparing to add to the world’s arsenal of fresh new sounds by lending some of them the imprimatur of the Holy Catholic Church. The newest Pope—a man so cool, he doesn’t even own a TV, bro—isn’t about to let Kanye West get away with that “I Am A God” bullshit without responding in kind. Rolling Stone reports the Pontiff is set to drop his debut album, a prog-rock-infused collection of seriously holy jams called Wake Up!, November 27. And just like every other prog-rock LP ever recorded in history, it sounds like it’ll be a concept album.

Wake Up!, which hopefully implies the presence of at least one Rage Against The Machine cover track, sees Pope Francis spitting hot fire on …

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