Newswire: Cookie Monster to become fugitive in one-hour Sesame Street special

After spending decades living in the shadow of a certain aggressively cute colleague with red fur who refers to himself in the third person, Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is finally breaking out and stealing the spotlight for himself—probably by grabbing it, shoving it in his mouth, mashing it up, and saying “om nom nom nom.” This February, he’ll be starring in his very own one-hour special on PBS, titled The Cookie Thief. According to Variety, the plot will revolve around a bunch of cookie-themed art—”Muncha Lisa” and “Girl With The Cookie Earring,” for example—being stolen from the “newly opened cookie art museum.” Naturally, Cookie Monster is the lead suspect, so he must go on the lam until he can clear his name and find the real cookie thief. Also, Rachel Dratch will appear in some capacity.

We don’t know very many other specifics about …

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