Newswire: Connie Britton was ABC’s early choice for Scandal’s Olivia Pope

ABC’s TGIT drama Scandal has survived cast departures, onscreen breakups, and even the fact that nearly every main character has killed someone at one point or another. The Shonda Rhimes-steered show hits its 100th episode this Thursday, and The Hollywood Reporter, for one, is celebrating with an extensive oral history of the political series. It starts of course, with discussing who got cast when and why (Scott Foley was originally supposed to be Stephen, which is why he got killed on Grey’s Anatomy), with a surprising revelation about the main role.

Rhimes already had two ABC series—Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice—when she was inspired to take on a third after seeing Washington, D.C. politico Judy Smith speak. She remembers: “Judy Smith talked for 10 minutes, and I could see what 100 episodes would be.” But after the show got picked up, she got a …

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