Newswire: Congressman takes dad jokes to new level with Trump-Stranger Things bit

Ugh, it’s so embarrassing when your dad finds out about something six months late, isn’t it? And then, to make things worse, he goes to Kinko’s and makes a big old poster board with one of his dumb jokes that’s so August 2016 on it, and then he goes and presents it to Congress. God. That’s if your dad is Democratic House member David Cicilline, representative of Rhode Island’s first congressional district and former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, of course.

Cicilline brought his dad-joke skills to the House floor earlier today, when he used an extended Stranger Things reference to mark his displeasure with the ever-growing Katamari of national shame that is the Trump administration. His “Trump Things” poster freshly printed out from the Stranger Things type generator at his side, he began: “Mr. Speaker, like the main characters in Stranger Things, we …

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