Newswire: Congratulations to The Rock, Guinness World Record holder for selfies

Actor Dwayne Johnson has won a new award to put up on his mantle, next to all the WWE Championship belts and lifetime achievement plaques from The Society For Big, Scary Smiles: the Guinness World Record for most selfies taken in a three-minute span. The actor earned the title during the red carpet premiere of his new movie San Andreas, in which, having mastered all other challengers, the former wrestler turns his powers upon the raging earth itself.

Under the watchful eye of the stoic, attention-phobic people of Guinness, Johnson clicked photo after photo with a sequence of grinning fans, all willing to put their faces on the line for their beloved, benevolent giant. Tragically, several of Johnson’s selfies (or, in official terms, “self-portrait photographs”) were disqualified, in what must have been a moment of staggering tension, for having blurred faces or lacking the legally mandated “full face and …

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