Newswire: Conan The Barbarian sequel to bring back old characters to be old with Conan

When it was first announced way back in 2012 that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be reprising an iconic role involving halting acting and comical violence, fans quickly responded with, “That’s all of his roles.” Thus, we clarified that this particular character was Conan The Barbarian—crusher of enemies, driver of said enemies before him, listener to the lamentations of enemies’ women. Writer and producer Chris Morgan stressed that this would be “Conan’s Unforgiven,” perhaps in reference to the fact that no one has yet forgiven 2011’s abominable remake. Morgan also promised that the sequel will address Conan in his twilight years, as the king teased at the end of the 1982 original. And now, Morgan says that there will be other geriatric characters adding juice to this ancient Norse version of Red. The Wrap reports upcoming Legend Of Conan will take place 30 years after the first movie …

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