Newswire: Conan O’Brien patched things up with former NBC exec Jeff Zucker

Everybody loves those videos about unlikely animal friends, where a dog and a cat help each other steal food off of a table, or a monkey and a pig climb a tree, or a lion dances on a log with a warthog and a meerkat (though that might be a different kind of a movie). Well, now we have a new duo of unlikely animal friends, except these unlikely animal friends happen to both be people: Conan O’Brien and former NBC head Jeff Zucker.

For those who don’t keep up with recent TV history, Zucker is the guy who fired Conan when he, essentially, refused to move his Tonight Show back a timeslot to make room for The Jay Leno Show—a garbage program that everyone hated. Coco walked away with $32 million and eventually landed the Conan show on TBS. Zucker was eventually kicked out of NBC …

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