Newswire: Compton writer adapting Iraqi translator tale from author of American Sniper

Serial memoirist Jim DeFelice, whose previous co-author credits include Chris Kyle’s bestselling autobiography American Sniper, is being adapted by Hollywood once again. Writer Alan Wenkus, one of several screenwriters who received a story credit on the recent biopic blockbuster Straight Outta Compton, has been tapped to adapt DeFelice’s Code Name: Johnny Walker, which the perennial co-author wrote with its subject, a pseudonymous Iraqi translator whose work with Navy SEAL teams spanned over a thousand missions for the U.S. military.

Released in 2014, the book carried an endorsement from the deceased Kyle, who declared “Walker”—whose real name has been keep confidential to protect his Iraqi family from reprisals—“responsible for saving many American lives, especially SEALs.” The book depicts the conflict in Iraq, life under Saddam Hussein, and the U.S. occupation of the country from the point of view of a citizen working with the occupying …

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