Newswire: Comic-book artists sue Marvel over Iron Man’s body armor

Sure, Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit can survive a massive Chitauri attack, but is it strong enough to withstand a copyright lawsuit? That’s the question at the heart of a new legal battle over Stark’s ensemble and allegations that Marvel may have cribbed from a pair of lower-profile artists when designing the Iron Man suit for its massively successful film franchise.

Ben Lai and Ray Lai, the brothers and comic book artists who run Horizon Comics, allege that Marvel drew inspiration from their 2001 comic book series Radix when designing Iron Man’s cinematic costume. In the lawsuit (which is available in full here), they claim that while the Iron Man comics feature the character in a “simple spandex-like attire and minimal armor,” in the film he is seen “wearing a fully mechanized suit of body armor” similar to their Radix design.

Radix comic book

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