Newswire: Comedy site adds a rotating selection of streaming Paramount movies

One of the most exciting parts of being a Netflix member is the monthly reveal of what movies will be added to (and taken away from) the service. That may not be true, but we’re going to assume it is for the sake of this story. Now, comedy website has devised a way to recreate that thrill, but without all of the hassle of giving a few dollars to the fat cats at Netflix every month. As part of its new-ish—and free—“Break Movies” initiative (which already features titles from Lionsgate), the site has signed a deal with Paramount to stream a rotating selection of films from the studio’s library that will change every month.

The initial selection—which is available now—includes such big-name hits as the first three entries in the Paranormal Activity series (the good ones!), Top Gun, Total Recall, Serpico, and …

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