Newswire: Comedy hydra Sister, Sister could rear its two heads again

As the upcoming Full House revival spills the blood of another dead spouse and opens the dimensional gate to the 1990s, more Old Ones are now stirring from their neon slumber and lurching toward the nostalgia portal in hopes of being born anew. First up, potentially: fellow twin terror Sister, Sister, which was similarly called forth by ABC viewers thanking the Gods for Friday, before being banished to the wind-whipped limbo of The WB. Now one head from that wholesome comedy hydra, Tia Mowry, has suggested the show could get another chance at life, revived by the faith of worshippers who demand it.

“So many people, they want to see us back,” Mowry told Nick Lachey on The Meredith Viera Show, acknowledging the fervent, underground Sister, Sister brotherhood, its members lurking right there in your very town, probably holding down jobs as schoolteachers or even clergy. “The fans, they really …

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