Newswire: Comedy Central renews Nathan For You for a fourth season

Time to open a business and deliberately sabotage it in hopes of sending up a Fielder signal, because according to The Hollywood Reporter Comedy Central has renewed Nathan For You for a fourth season. The renewal comes in advance of the show’s season three finale, which airs tonight at 10 PM.

In a casually masterful display of his skill at setting up an awkward joke, co-creator and star Nathan Fielder says of the renewal, “I couldn’t be more excited to continue my non-sexual relationship with Viacom.” To which Comedy Central original programming president Kent Alterman—with Fielder, presumably, standing just a little bit too close to him on the dais—replies, “Nathan showed such professionalism transitioning our relationship into a platonic one last season, he deserves another.”

And while there’s no word yet on when the next season will air, The A.V. Club would like to …

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