Newswire: Comedy Central is launching its first live radio show on SiriusXM

Hey theeeerrrrre, ladies and germs! You’ve got your dial turned to AVClub.comFM and you’re listening to Newswire Ned In The Mornings with me, Newswire Ned, and my idiot sidekick, Other Newswire Ned. [Pew! Pew! Awoooga!] Later in the show we’ll be talking to a famous porn star about local government and then there’ll be another installment in our long-running series, “Crank-Calling Other Newswire Ned’s Mom,” but first we’re talkin’ ’bout the news. Cue the “Talkin’ ‘Bout The News” theme song!

[Insert blaringly obnoxious eight-second music clip, ending with fart sound effect]

Yeah, so did you hear about this? Apparently, Comedy Central is planning to horn in on our territory with its own hilarious radio show on SiriusXM. The show will be titled The Big Bonfire With Big Jay Oakerson And Dan Soder, and it’ll air every Monday and Wednesday on the network …

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