Newswire: Comedian Jimmy Pardo wants to lock you in a room for Science

Discovery’s sister network Science, having idly glanced over the sort of stuff The History Channel gets away with every day, has announced a new slate of shows exploring the scientific principle that people really like game shows, YouTube clips, and exploding spaceships. Rita Mullin, general manager for the network, has assured viewers that the network’s goal is to “make learning about science fun,” a line as convincing now as it was when your old science teacher mumbled it while glumly pouring baking soda and vinegar into a badly painted papier-mâché volcano.

First up on the network’s new Regime Of Fun: Race To Escape, a game-show version of the increasingly popular real-life room escape trend that’s set to debut in July. Hosted by comedian and podcaster Jimmy Pardo, the game will pit two teams of three against each other to solve a series of clues and escape …

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