Newswire: College professor uses Seinfeld to illustrate psychological disorders

To anyone who has ever told you can’t succeed in college by sitting around watching reruns, the Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School offers a rebuttal with its course nicknamed “Psy-feld.” Open to third- and fourth-year medical students, “Psy-feld” is taught by Dr. Anthony Tobia, an associate professor of psychiatry, and requires students watch a rerun of Seinfeld on TBS every Monday and Thursday.

The students are then expected to use their knowledge of psychopathology in class to discuss the various psychological disorders present in the characters on the show—for example, recognizing that Newman is a “very sick” individual whose “sense of self, his meaning in life, is to ensure that he frustrates Jerry.” Or that the entire group suffers from various “maladaptive” traits that make the show work. “When you get these friends together the dynamic is such that it literally creates a plot: Jerry’s obsessive compulsive …

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