Newswire: Colbert smashed together Donald Trump and that creepy “Hi Stranger” thing

What hath God (or late-night TV chat shows) wrought? If you’ve existed on the internet over the last month, you’ve probably seen “Hi Stranger,” Kirsten Lepore’s creepy, ASMR-ish bit of stop-motion about a doughy fellow with a healthy case of bubble butt trying to seduce you into relaxing with him. Most people find Lepore’s video a mixture of soothing and disturbing, but Stephen Colbert and his Late Show writers apparently went looking for a way to minimize the former and maximize the latter last night, by merging the video with a thong-clad President Donald Trump.

Initially, at least, the switch from stop-motion to traditional animation actually makes things a little less creepy. (There’s just something about the way the figure in “Hi Stranger” moves that gives us the willies.) But Colbert’s version is definitely way less dreamily …

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