Newswire: Cobie Smulders in talks for Jack Reacher 2

The Tom Cruise-starring action movie Jack Reacher initially looked like it wasn’t a big enough bang to spark a franchise. But like a Tom Cruise character punching his way back into relevance, Jack Reacher 2 became possible against all odds. As we previously reported, The Last Samurai director Ed Zwick is attached to direct the sequel, and now Cobie Smulders is reportedly in talks to play the female lead. An official offer has not been made yet, but insiders familiar with the project say that she is in talks to play Danika. (Nothing else is known about Danika except that her name is Danika.) Rosamund Pike starred opposite Cruise in the first Jack Reacher film, but if we’ve learned anything from the Mission: Impossible movies, it’s that Cruise franchises rarely use the same woman twice.

This won’t be the first time Smulders has jumped in on …

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