Newswire: Coal CEO ridiculed on Last Week Tonight sues John Oliver for defamation

We kicked off the week with a Last Week Tonight segment about the coal-mining industry, one that earned host John Oliver and his network, HBO, a cease-and-desist letter from one of the leaders in that industry. Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Corp, had his lawyers fire off the letter in an attempt to prevent Oliver from airing the deep dive into the restoration of coal jobs, and who exactly benefits from that movement. The segment didn’t cast Murray in a flattering light, to say the least; Oliver called him a “geriatric Dr. Evil“ for misrepresenting his track record with coal workers, e.g., Murray’s long-standing opposition to increased safety measures.

Because Oliver and HBO neither ceased nor desisted, Murray’s filed a defamation suit against the host, the network, parent company Time Warner, and the show’s writers. According to The Daily Beast, the suit alleges that …

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