Newswire: CNN denies blackmailing Reddit user behind Trump-wrestling meme

Among the many things that CNN would probably like to slap its own “FAKE NEWS” label over are the recent accusations that it essentially blackmailed someone over a meme. But according to Deadline, that’s where the cable news outlet finds itself in the wake of Independence Day celebrations—because, after all, there’s nothing more patriotic (sorry, modern day patriotic) than sharing a 10-year-old video about a fake fight.

After Trump shared the meme—in which he is shown flinging Vince McMahon-as-CNN around—the cable news network’s KFile investigative unit didn’t just assume that the man who can’t spell “conference” altered the video himself to replace McMahon’s overly-tanned mug with the CNN logo. The journalists started looking into the origin of the meme/gif/what have you, and landed on Redditor HanAssholeSolo, who first posted it in a pro-Trump subreddit. The KFile team—namely, Andrew …

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