Newswire: Clue chooses to expose itself on stage in 2017

Despite the pixelated slog of Battleship, the listless non-scares of Ouija, and the existential threat of a Monopoly movie adaptation, 1985’s Clue improbably managed to escape the inherent perils of turning a board game into a film and built a cult following. But Hollywood has never met a property it could resist repackaging, so despite the fact the original’s creative success was based largely on the chemistry of its cast and wasn’t even financially successful, Clue is headed back to the big screen. Not only that, but Variety reports that a separate Clue project is headed for a national stage tour in 2017.

The project is a part of a partnership between Araca Group and Hasbro, who are also behind the Monopoly musical project. But before you hurl a candelabra at your monitor in the library, or smash Siri over the head with a lead pipe in …

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