Newswire: Clive Barker is adapting his novel Weaveworld for The CW

Pushing further and further afield in its efforts to find fuel for its sexy supernatural fires, The CW has announced that it’s teaming up with horror and fantasy writer Clive Barker to produce a TV adaptation of his 1987 novel Weaveworld. In one of those premises that we’re just going to assume works better in execution than in summary form, the book is about a pair of young people who must team up to protect a magical carpet from an evil salesman and a rigidly dogmatic cop. (In the book’s defense, it also appears to feature witches, hideously deformed monster babies, and planet-devouring wannabe angels, so it’s not all The Amazing Adventures Of The Enchanted Rug.)

One of the author’s most popular non-Hellraiser stories, Barker and various TV executives have been trying to get Weaveworld onto screens for years. Showtime acquired the rights to …

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