Newswire: Clinton campaign busted for unauthorized use of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl”

Here we go again! For the 100th time this election season, a politician is getting in trouble for using a song without permission, so let’s all have a good laugh and see which of those goofballs it was this time. Was it Donald Trump again? Was it a desperate grab for relevancy from Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz? Maybe it was Jeb Bush, throwing one last killer house party before his mom comes home and tells him to clean up his campaign headquarters? Actually, it wasn’t any of the Republicans. It was Hillary Clinton—or at least someone associated with her campaign (probably).

According to this Death And Taxes post, a YouTube video has been going around that celebrates Hillary Clinton’s feminist past and features Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” playing in the background. However, it turns out that nobody actually asked Bikini Kill if that was …

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