Newswire: Cirque du Soleil is getting into (scripted) television

No longer content to dress up like an off-brand version of The Tick and twirl around (see above), French-Canadian masters of acrobatic whimsy Cirque du Soliel have reportedly signed a first-look deal with Fox to develop original TV projects. Cirque du Soliel has applied its insufferable technicolor paintbrush to television before, producing specials for French and German TV and performing at the Oscars, the Grammys, and on a bunch of late-night shows over the past dozen years or so. However, this time the Cirque team will be working on scripted material, by which we assume they do not mean lip syncing to Beatles songs but actual actors with actual lines of dialogue.

“The Cirque du Soleil brand is so vibrant and colorful and mind-bending,” 20th Television President of Creative Affairs Jonnie Davis says, presumably quoting something he read in a magazine in his hotel room. “We’re already searching for …

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