Newswire: Cinemax silences Banshee

The small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania is closing its doors, forcing its diverse population of con men, plucky criminals, and morally compromised police deputies out into the street. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fourth season of the Cinemax original series will be its last, putting an end to Alan Ball and Greg Yaitanes’ tale of an ex-con who finagles his way into the job of small-town sheriff in an unsuccessful bid to come to terms with his criminal past.

The show’s fourth and final season will air some time in 2016; it’s currently planned for an eight-episode run. Banshee is survived by Cinemax’s handful of other original shows, including Robert Kirkman’s upcoming supernatural drama Outcast, and Steven Soderbergh’s delightfully grimy medical drama, The Knick.

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