Newswire: Cinemark wants Aurora shooting victims to pay $700,000 in legal fees

As you may recall, July 20, 2012 was one somber day among the alarmingly rapidly expanding list of somber days in American life. That was the day of the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, where gunman James Holmes opened fire on a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises at the Aurora Century 16 movie theater, killing 12 people and injuring 70.

The shooting started a national conversation about movie-theater security, and in 2012 nearly 30 victims and relatives of victims filed a class-action lawsuit against Cinemark, alleging that the theater chain had failed to provide adequate security to prevent the massacre. Cinemark won the lawsuit at the state level in May, and just last week the company’s attorneys successfully filed to have the suit dismissed in a federal court.

Like many states, Colorado law allows the winners of a civil case to request that the losing side pay …

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