Newswire: Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry speaks out about misogynist trolls

Unfortunately, dealing with online trolls spewing violence and misogyny is commonplace for many women these days. Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry has been vocal about the problem for some time, calling attention time and again to an online climate in which men feel comfortable subjecting women to the kind of abuse that would constitute an actionable offense in person. And now, the musician has granted an interview to Channel 4 News in response to a new wave of abusive comments in the wake of the band’s video for new song “Leave A Trace.”

Saying, “Ignoring it doesn’t make a difference,” Mayberry outlines a lucid and empathetic response to all the online viciousness, explaining why it was important for her to speak out about this issue:

This happens to women all the time anyway, and I hate the idea that young girls who follow our band deal with stuff like …

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