Newswire: Christopher Nolan has already completed his next film—a documentary

For those wondering what big-budget filmmaking heights Christopher Nolan would scale as a follow-up to his ambitious science-fiction opera Interstellar, io9 reports the director has seemingly traveled through a wormhole into the past and made a short documentary about stop-motion animation. The film, called Quay, is about identical twin stop-motion animators Stephen and Timothy Quay, and it’s already finished and prepped for screening next month.

The Quay twins have been making acclaimed short films featuring stop-motion animation for decades, and Nolan’s documentary highlighting their work will be shown on August 19 as part of a weeklong Brothers Quay retrospective at the Film Forum in New York City, which Nolan is also curating. The retrospective includes the Quay films In Absentia (2000), The Comb (1991), and Crocodiles (1986). All of the films, as well as Nolan’s documentary, will be screened in 35 mm. If you don’t …

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