Newswire: Christina Hendricks to play witch doctor in upcoming World War I drama

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Arclight has found its cast for its upcoming World War I feature drama The Angel Makers. Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks is set to star, along with two-time Oscar nominee Emily Watson, Abbie Cornish, Sense8‘s Max Riemelt, and David Kross (not to be confused with David Cross). The project will be directed by Jon Amiel, who recently directed episodes of Once Upon A Time, Halt And Catch Fire, and The Borgias.

The Angel Makers is based on true events and follows the women of England’s Yorkshire Moors, who had to take over the farms when their husbands left to fight the war in France in 1917. The women enlist German prisoners of war from a nearby internment camp to help maintain the farm and do hard labor, and things start to get steamy. (This movie is about affairs on farms during World War …

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