Newswire: Chris Carter says The X-Files will be back, “almost without a doubt”

First, the folks at Fox said there are probably more X-Files episodes out there. Now X-Files creator Chris Carter has said in an interview with the New York Times that there are definitely more episodes out there. “I can tell you, almost without a doubt, we will come back,” Carter said. Again, that’s not all that surprising considering all the hints that have been dropped along the way suggesting this six-episode run of the series wasn’t really the end. And despite the ominous “This Is The End” title card that prefaced last night’s “My Struggle II,” the episode was promoted as a season finale, not a series finale. Plus, it ended with a pretty major cliffhanger. Plus, it wasn’t very good, so if The X-Files wants to stick the landing for real, there will have to be more.

And let’s be real, Carter doesn’t …

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