Newswire: Chinese gaming CEO makes his office building look like the USS Enterprise

Google Map pictures of a Chinese building apparently constructed in the shape of a Star Trek spaceship have been making the social media rounds for a while now, with much speculation about what company andmore importantlywhat spaceship the building belongs to and is based on. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that the facility, in the shape of the Enterprise-E from the later Next Generation films, is an office building for online gaming company NetDragon Websoft. The company’s founder is apparently a huge fan of the series, and thought it would be fun for his employees to work in one of the franchise’s ships, because nothing lifts spirits like sitting in a symbol of humanity’s drive for greatness while fielding calls from irate parents, angry because you tricked their 10-year-olds into spending $60 on virtual rocks.

Copyright purists will be happy to know that NetDragon …

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