Newswire: Childish Gambino and Dave Chappelle team up for Radio City Music Hall show

Donald Glover has already announced that he’s planning to retire his Childish Gambino persona after one more album, and if he really is committed to following through on that, at least he’s planning to do some awesome shit on the way out. According to Billboard, Glover—as Childish Gambino—will be performing at Radio City Music Hall this August alongside comedian Dave Chappelle.

We don’t know much about this performance, like why it’s happening or if Glover and Chappelle are both planning to do comedy, so all we really have to on here is that both Chappelle and Childish Gambino are on the bill—which should be enough for most people. The show has a Ticketmaster page, but tickets won’t go on sale to the public until Friday (though there will be some presales earlier in the week).

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