Newswire: Chicken wings are getting stupid expensive

Once seen as a less desirable cut compared to the chicken breast, chicken wings are now getting out-of-control expensive, according to a Washington Post report that should frighten Americans into stockpiling 20-pound bags of party wings in their panic room. The Post explains how the price of chicken wings is, according to one meat wholesaler, at an all-time high. It’s gotten so pricey that Buffalo Wild Wings saw its second quarter profits this year plummet 63 percent. In response, the chain switched their half-priced wings special on Tuesday to a boneless wing promotion, which is bullshit since boneless wings are just breast meat shaped into a vaguely wing-like shape.

The explanation to the cost increase is simple supply/demand theory: more people are eating wings now. Wings are no longer a sports bar food, and even pizza chains are making chicken wings part of its business model. According to …

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