Newswire: Chicago rallies in opposition to so-called “Netflix Tax”

Earlier this summer, we reported that the city of Chicago was planning to institute a so-called “Netflix Tax” that, thanks to vague wording, could force companies to raise the price of pretty much any internet-related service (not just video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, but also gaming stuff like World Of Warcraft or Xbox Live). “Netflix Tax” just a snappy name for an expansion of an existing “amusement tax” that financially punishes Chicagoans who are foolish enough to try to do something fun. At the time, we figured the people of Chicago would just get over it, put the tax on their famously broad shoulders, and move on with their lives.

However, it turns out we were wrong, and Chicago has responded to the Netflix Tax with a level of vitriol that is usually reserved for those bastards who root for the baseball team on the other side of …

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