Newswire: Chicago just so happened to put a “Real Fake” sculpture in front of Trump Tower

In what must be quite an embarrassing blunder, the city of Chicago has installed a big sculpture in front of the Trump International Hotel And Tower that simply says “Real Fake” in big, bubble letters. That’s according to DNAinfo, which says the sculpture was actually created a few years ago by an artist named Scott Reeder, and it has simply been placed in front of Trump Tower as part of a new campaign to add temporary art pieces to the city’s Riverwalk area.

I believe we’ve hit peak-level trolling.

— Anthony M. Kreis (@AnthonyMKreis) June 27, 2017

Supposedly, the Department Of Cultural Affairs And Special Events chose “optimal locations for art” before specifically choosing what art would be placed in which spot, so this is clearly just some strange coincidence that has nothing to do with the fact that Donald Trump is an unrepentant …

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