Newswire: Chicago chain makes deep dish even grosser with Clinton/Trump pizza

If watching your favorite (or least favorite) presidential candidate’s face collapse into a viscous stew of tomatoes and cheese sounds appealing, Giordano’s has you covered. The Chicago-based deep dish pizza chain is decorating its signature deep dish pizza with artful spreads of grated parmesan cheese that resemble either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, whose hair, it should be noted, shares the same color and consistency as baked mozzarella.

“The upcoming election is on everybody’s minds and we’re excited to give our guests an opportunity to show their support to their chosen candidate in a fun, unique way,” said Giordano’s president and CEO Yorgo Koutsogiorgas in an adorably quaint statement that still thinks there can be anything “fun” about this election.

Though the chain has locations in Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, and Indiana, the Clinton/Trump pizza will only be available for a limited time at its …

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