Newswire: Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lohren to butt heads in live debate

Every year, it seems, civil discourse in the U.S.A. hits a new low. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate—Americans have always talked to each other like we’re pieces of human garbage, waiting to be taken to the curb, shipped to a barge somewhere in the middle of the ocean, and dropped into the watery depths. The problem is more that public spheres in which we expect there to be a modicum of dignity are being progressively robbed of what little remaining sense of respect and decorum may once have attached themselves to such arenas. The 20th century may have been a graveyard of utopian projects, but it did seem to contain the possibility of a political discourse not predicated on outright disgust and hatred of the other.

Luckily, we still have some willing to carry the torch for the American project of tolerance, open-mindedness, and disagreement …

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