Newswire: Chapterhouse revives the first female superhero in this Fantomah exclusive

Canadian comics publisher Chapterhouse has been steadily expanding its superhero lineup since it debuted in 2015 with a new interpretation of Captain Canuck. Over the last two years, established Canadian heroes like Northguard and Freelance and new faces like The Pitiful Human-Lizard have taken the spotlight in their own series, and they are joined this week by a new Fantomah. Created by Fletcher Hanks in 1940—one year before Wonder Woman’s debut—Fantomah was the first female superhero, a jungle woman with a variety of supernatural powers and a face that turns into a bare blue skull when she uses them. The new Fantomah series holds on to the character’s central design element, but the context surrounding her is completely different, taking her out of the jungle and into an urban environment.

Written by Ray Fawkes with art by Soo Lee and letters by Andrew Thomas, Fantomah #1 …

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