Newswire: Channing Tatum to produce the fake ’80s Romanian cop show we’ve been waiting for

Channing Tatum’s slow development from hard-dancing Step Up eye candy to weird media auteur has been a beautiful thing to watch, giving rise to the confident sexuality of the Magic Mike movies and the self-indulgent mayhem of the 21 Jump Street films. Now C-Tates’ weird tastes have found another outlet, with Deadline reporting that his Free Association production studio has started development on a fake ’80s Romanian cop show called Iron Fisting.

Produced along with A24—the studio that had a hand in such triumphs of the weird as Spring Breakers, The Lobster, and Daniel Radcliffe: Farting Speedboat Corpsethe show will present itself as a Miami Vice-style cop show filmed in Communist Romania. Featuring dubbed American voices—with Tatum rumored to be doing at least a bit of voiceover work—over shots of Old World detectives, the show will see its heroes “seek to protect Communism and …

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